Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Beginnings of a Plan - Part 2

So we sat down over a few pints during Sunday lunchtime and started to discuss the makings of a few plans with Martyn and Gill for our summer trip to Scotland. We discussed dates and deliveries, have a rough idea of where we will head on the canal and started to make some sketchy plans for the West coast. Much of which will depend on the weather gods of course.

Thus far the outline plan is:

This will be our last view of the Caledonian Canal, leaving via Corpach Lock on out on Loch Linnie.

Our first stop off, but only for lunch will be the island of Eilean Munde at Glencoe. We will drop anchor to explore the island and ruined chapel before heading off for our first overnight stop.

Our first overnight stop will be at The Holly Tree Hotel in Kentallen. This will be the first time that we have had to moor Naughty-Cal to a mooring buoy so there will no doubt be lots of shouting!

Our second overnight stop will be at The Creagan Inn on Loch Creagan. Another mooring buoy to contend with!

From Creagan it is onto Tobermory with it's famous harbour front view.

From Tobermory it will be on to the Island of Seil with the famous Bridge Over the Atlantic. We won't be taking the big boats through the bridge but we will be taking the dinghies down the sound to sample a few beers in the pub.

Naughty-Cal's final stopping point will be the town of Oban. We plan to have a couple of nights here to get some rest and get the boat ready for her road trip back home. It is also here that we will say goodbye to Nitty Gritty and her crew as they head off on the third week of their holiday.

From Oban it is a very short hop to The Puffin Dive Centre where Naughty-Cal will be getting picked back up on the trailer and taken back to Lincoln. Once back in Lincoln we will have a couple of days to clean the boat up and chill out and unwind.


  1. Lovely trip, have spent several holidays touring & B&B's in Scotland and the Western Isles, including the Caledonian Canal. It's brilliant. Hope the weathers good, mind the midges, there is a Avon product which is a useful repellent.

  2. Yes we are ordering some of the Skin So Soft from Avon before we head up there.

    The trip really all hinges on the weather. If it is raining and windy for two weeks it will be an expensive mistake. If it is glorious sunshine, light winds and calms seas it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

    Only time will tell. We can plan everything bar the weather!