Wednesday, 18 January 2017

From Way Up High

It wasn't all planning and pouring over maps during Sunday lunch. We did find time to have a few minutes out and play with Martyns new toy, his drone Max. We think we have convinced him to bring it to Scotland with him. If he does we should get some cracking pictures of the boats.

Here are a small selection he took on Sunday around the marina.

The boatyard. Naughty-Cal is the boat on the front row next to the parked car.

 Another view of the hardstanding. They have wedged us in!
The entrance to the yard. In previous years we have been ashore in the yard to the side of the green shed. This year we are on the opposite side.

E Pontoon. Naughty-Cal's mooring is being used a temporary dinghy bay whilst we are ashore.

General view of the marina with the security tower bottom left next to the slipway.

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