Friday, 6 January 2017

Looking Back

Every now and then a post flicks up on my Farcebook page reminding me of past memories. This morning it was this rather cold wintry scene taken at Burton Waters during the cold, long winter of 2010.

This was only our second winter with Naughty-Cal, the first had been really very mild. So the winter of 2010 came as a bit of a shock and brought with it lots of worry. Would the boat survive the winter?

Well of course she did survive and we also survived the weeks of freezing temperatures on board. The lowest outside temperature we recorded whilst we were on board was -19 degrees C. 

Hopefully this winter will be much milder.With the boat out of the water if it does freeze we have removed the risk of damage to the hull but have increased the risk of damage to the raw water cooling components. The cold air blowing around the hull of the boat makes it much colder then if it were afloat. With this in mind we are taking extra heaters to the boat this weekend to make double sure that we don't suffer any frost damage whilst ashore.

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