Tuesday, 24 January 2017

More Planning

With our summer holiday to Scotland taking up most of our holiday entitlement for the year, and a week booked on a hire boat in October we are going to be struggling to fit in any longer trips away on Naughty-Cal this year. So we need to plan our bank holidays to make the most of the time that we will have to play with.

The Easter break will be our first real break of the year with four days afloat to play with. It is likely that we will head up the Trent towards Newark for this little break. We neglected this part of the river last year, with High Marnham on the tidal Trent being the furthest upstream we ventured, but this year we plan to visit Newark and beyond more often.

We will have a couple of other bank holiday weekends to play with before our summer trip for one of which we have three days break and the other four days. For the first of the two we may just potter around on the River Witham for a few days but for the second our plans will very much depend on how much fuel we have left in the tank. We need to run it down as much as possible for our trip to Scotland. So if we have loads in the tank a good run down to Hull should see it diminish. 

It will be strange for us having a fairly quiet start to the year.


  1. are you planning any trips down the river ouse again this year? looked like a great trip last time and would love to see more

  2. No. We won't have enough time to get down that way this year.