Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Lagging Behind

As we are having to strip down Cal's warm air heating system to service it and replace the air intake unit we have decided that it is time to also replace the ducting and whilst we are at it add some insulation to the new ducting to reduce heat loss in the ducting runs. Which in theory should result in warmer air coming from the vents, well that is the theory anyway. 

We shall have to see if it works in practice as well as the manufacturers claim. Their claim is up to 40% warmer air coming from the vents. If true this will make it a worthwhile addition. If not we have probably just made ourselves a load more extra work for this coming weekend!


  1. Hi Rach, thought i would pop in to see whats been going on. I see the things you have had to do, very busy hey.

    What type of insulation is it that the kit has used?

    I will be lagging the Propex I have when I fit that is. Just not sure which to use.

  2. It is by all accounts 3M Thinsulate insulation.

    We got ours from Heatso as it was the best price we could find. Not cheap at £6.75 per 0.75m run but if it works as well as it claims well worth it.

    We will let you know after the weekend if it works!

    This weekends job is getting the heating and ducting reinstalled.

  3. Well you have good outside temps to test it. bloomin freezing up here.

  4. Going to be bloody cold when we arrive at the boat tonight with no heating on!

    Might have to head to the pub while the electric heaters warm the boat through :)