Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Another Little Job

You may or may not remember but back at the beginning of 2015 we fitted some rather fetching blue LED lights to the boat. Well they have not really been used much due to a series of cheap Chinese remote controls which have had a rather annoying habit of draining their batteries in a matter of days,meaning that we usually had a couple of days tops of using them before having to go and find a new battery for the remote. Or just not using them as the case has usually been.

Well we did last winter buy a new more expensive and robust remote for them, but managed to forget about it and it was stuck in a cupboard unloved. Until yesterday that is, when we quite by accident stumbled across it. 

Well if the cockpit area is having a make over this winter we may as well make sure that we can use the blue lights again. I think Naughty-Cal will look rather nice anchored on a Scottish Loch this summer with her blue lights glimmering away.


  1. I think it will look great aswell :). Tempted myself but not sure what colour.

  2. Hope they don't attract the midges though!

  3. And all other night time bugs like a them bug busters. Mmmm i was thinking red lights for mine, now what would that look like oooeeerrr.