Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Some Success

It is safe to say that work on the boat the weekend just gone didn't all go exactly to plan. We had several failed attempts at installing things including most frustratingly the cockpit speakers, one of which has proven to be faulty. This has been boxed back up and is ready to send back to the supplier for a replacement part. 

We did have a couple of minor successes though. The cabin speakers are installed and look and sound far better then the old Blaupunkt ones. We did also manage to drain the drive oil and find the source of the oil leak we had for a few months. No great surprise it was fishing line once again. 

The list of jobs for this coming weekend is now coming along quite nicely. First up and most importantly is fitting the refurbished heater and the new ducting and lagging. We must remember the tools this weekend as it is due to drop much colder in temperature and relying on electric heaters at this time of year is far from ideal.

We will also have the bottom end of the drive built back up with new seals so that we can refit this and refill with oil to flush out the rest of the water contamination in the drive. We will then at a later date closer to relaunch time, drop the oil again and refill with fresh clean oil for the coming season. The rest of the drive is pretty much ready to go. The bellows fitted last year as still in excellent condition so will not be changed. Liam has the anodes at work to give them a quick clean up. Again these are still in good condition so will go for another year.

We will change the bellows on the trim tab rams as these don't look to be in such good condition despite only being changed a couple of years ago. For what they cost they don't seem to last for very long!

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