Thursday, 12 January 2017

Booking In

It is important that we don't lose sight of what all of this winter's hard work on the boat is for. While we are busy grafting on the boat we do also need to keep the momentum with the planning for our big summer trip.

The dates are in the diary for the company who will be trailing Naughty-Cal up to Inverness and back for us. And just before the Christmas break I booked us in at Inverness Marina for the all important lift off the trailer and into the water, unfortunately they don't have a slipway at this modern marina which is a shame.

The plan is to have a days rest in Inverness Marina. The boat will be filthy after it's long haul on the road, so having a day off will give us a chance to clean her up, refuel her (the tank will have to be pretty empty for the road trip) and more importantly allow us to get a home delivery from one of the supermarkets to stock up on the essentials we might struggle to find on the canal itself.


  1. Wow! That sounds like an adventure - just watch out for the mozzies!

  2. It should hopefully be a fantastic trip but a lot will depend on the weather. We have been promised that the sun does occasionally come out in Scotland, although we have yet to witness this!