Thursday, 26 January 2017

It's the Little Things

It's the little things that start to add up when we have Naughty-Cal out of the water for her annual spruce up and service.

Take just a few little pins and fastenings for example. Liam is busy refitting the shaft seals which refused to seat at the weekend and is also replacing the gear selector seal. Whilst doing this he has noticed that the cotter pins and locating pins are worn. In fact the pin holding the gear cable to the selector was so worn it pretty much fell off. Had it done this at sea it would have been less then handy to say the least.

These few small parts don't cost a lot of money, a few pounds each. But when you are ordering little bits and bobs the cot of postage is usually the same as the items you have bought! Annoying to say the least, but we need to parts to be able to put the drive back together next weekend so I have had to bite the bullet and order them.

To make the pill a little less bitter to swallow I also ordered a new red bulb for the dashboard instruments. One of them has blown recently. The £2 for this bulb just took the order value over the £4 postage fee!

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