Thursday, 5 January 2017

Drying Out

We got the call on Tuesday to say that Naughty-Cal was safely hauled out, her hull jet washed off and she was chocked ashore in the yard and plugged into their electric supply. This was the important part as we are relying on heaters to protect the vital raw water cooling components from the winter weather.

By the time we get to her tomorrow evening her hull should have dried out nicely so that we can have the chance to have a good look around her and check that all is in order. The polishing, waxing and antifoul painting will all wait until we are nearer ready to relaunch. But we have a fair old lost of jobs to get through before then.

This weekend we have two jobs we would like to complete. One of them is far more important then the other so this will take priority, refitting the heating. Liam is finishing putting the unit back together today, it has had a full decoke, a full service to include a new glowplug and burner tube and also a new air intake motor and fan. This should hopefully ensure that it is good to go for another few years before anymore attention is required.

Refitting the heater is the easy part of the job. The more difficult part is replacing the hot air ducting and fitting the lagging which should improve the temperature of the air coming from the outlets. This will be a fiddly job.

The second less important job will be installing the new Rockford Fosgate speakers in the cabin and in the cockpit. This can wait until next weekend if needs be but we would like to get this job out of the way as well. Every job ticked off the list is one less to do before relaunch, which usually creeps up far quicker then we would expect.

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