Friday, 22 June 2018

To The Fen

Decision made. This weekend we are heading to Fiskerton Fen, if of course we can get on the mooring this time.

To improve our chances of getting on the mooring we are going to head down there tonight. None of the jobs we have planned to do tomorrow require us to be in the marina, so we might as well do them tomorrow wherever we end up. It is set to be a hot weekend so we get the jobs done that we need to do early on and then we can spend the day coming and going as we please. 

I suspect a walk to the pub will be in order, but which one?

Thursday, 21 June 2018

What to Do?

It is forecast to be a very nice weekend, so what to do with it?

Well first of all we have to get some jobs done on the boat. We now only have four weekends left to go until we head off to the Norfolk Broads for a couple of weeks. So it is time to knuckle down and get those jobs sorted out.

Nothing major but the canopies need spraying with Wet and Forget to remove the mould that has started to appear in the edges. This shouldn't take too long but does need the hoods to be dry to start with and a period of dry weather for the few hours after it has been applied. The weekend looks ideal for this.

And then we have a dodgy earth to sort out. We noticed a couple of weeks ago that the fuel gauge was being intermitent and a few other items were being hit and miss so we believe we need to trace a loose earth connection. That could be fun!

But these jobs won't take all weekend. Far from it. We should be finished by midday tomorrow so then where to head? I'm thinking we may try for Fiskerton Fen again on the Wiathm, but we shall see.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Where's the Audition?

Sydney was in something of an odd mood yesterday. He was a little bit overly giddy truth be told. So when he took himself and his toys off to bed early, something which in itself is unusual as he always sits with us downstairs until bedtime, we knew that something wasn't quite as it seems.

After ten minutes I went up to have a look and found Sydney practicing for the next Andrex puppy advert with the toilet roll and holder. Naughty Sydney!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Lovely Leftovers

We have not had any leftovers for a long while as we had not cooked a Sunday roast for a long while. But last night we made the most of a heap of left over roast chicken by making a very nice blue cheese, chicken and bacon stroganoff. It might not look great on the plate but it certainly tasted delicious.

We still have a load of chicken left so tonight we are going to have a chicken and mushroom pie if I can convince Liam to make me some pastry. His is so much better than mine. Must be the bakers genes he inherited from his granddad!

It is doubtful we will be enjoying left over roast again before we go on holiday as we have so many little odd jobs to do on the boat before we go that we will be down there every weekend between now and when we set off. So we will make the most of tonight's offerings.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Stepping Up

It made something of a pleasant change to spend a weekend at home in Sheffield. It gave us a chance to get some jobs done around the house. I did some more painting which Sydney decided he was going to help with hence his nice coloured streak in his tail. And Liam cast a new concrete step for the front door. This is still curing and has a few more days to go yet before we can reveal it from it's plywood box and see if it has been a success.

Being at home also gave us a chance to give the house a proper clean from top to bottom. It looks much better now although we didn't think it was that bad to start with!

But it wasn't all work and no play. We did the rounds yesterday visiting family and then we had time to have a drive out to The Strines for a quick drink although we should have cottoned on that with it being Fathers Day it would be silly busy, so we only had one quick drink before heading back to The Cow and Calf closer to home. 

Then with one more drink consumed it was time to head home and start the Sunday roast chicken. I do miss not having a roast dinner on a Sunday when we are on the boat.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Happy Again

Sydney is finally his happy self again today. We have done the Fathers Day rounds so now time for a long walk and then back home for a nice roast dinner.

Saturday, 16 June 2018


We have had a morning of carrying out some DIY this morning. So it was a full English breakfast to start the day.

We have just finished our jobs for the day so it is off to the local for a couple of dinnertime drinks whilst the paint dries.