Friday, 28 October 2016

Slightly Odd

We have been busy planning our holidays for 2017 and have made a slightly odd move for next year.

Our main holiday to the Caledonian Canal and west coast of Scotland will take up over two weeks of our usual four week allowance. This doesn't leave us much, so we won't take our usual week at the end of May when we normally head to Wells next the Sea. Instead we will have a four day short break over the bank holiday and then for October we have booked a week on the Norfolk Broads.

But we won't be taking Naughty-Cal this time. Instead we have booked a hire boat from the Richardsons yard in Stalham for the week. We will spend the week aboard Viscount, a roomy four berth cruiser.

Richardson's Viscount, an Alpha Craft 35.

The large well fitted galley.

Bright and light rear saloon area.

 The spacious en-suite master cabin in the bow.

The layout of Viscount.

This will be a bit of a change for us and a completely different style of boat to get to grips with for the week. Only another 12 months to go before we can go and pick her up!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fixed at Last

For the majority of this year the lock at Torksey has been only partially working. One of the paddles on the top gates has been broken which has mean't that filling the lock and coming back up off the Trent has been a somewhat long job. 

Finally we got the notice this week that the divers have been in and fixed the problem. The lock is fully functioning again.

Just in time for the slower winter months!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


 While doing our weekly shop in Sainsburys on Monday evening we stumbled across a pair of huge ribe eye steaks on the reduced shelf. Well we couldn't turn down an offer like that. The larger one, which was enormous was reduced to £2.04 and the smaller one, which was still huge just £1.14.

We had to have them so last night we had a delicious steak dinner on the cheap. Thank you Sainsburys.

The reduced steaks.

The finished product served with cajun sweet potato wedges, onion rings and a rocket, spinach and watercress salad.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

All Rise

Boat licence fees, we all have to pay them, well we all should pay them anyway but lets not stray off topic with that one.

Next year Canal and Rivers Trust are raising their licence fees by 2.5%. Not a massive overall increase but an increase all the same.

Now spare a though for our boating cousins on the Norfolk Broads who are facing an annual increase in their licence fees of 22%. Yes that is right 22%. On top of that to add insult to injury they are also proposing to increase the fee for using Mutford Lock from £13 each way to £30 each way. 

Now we love the Norfolk Broads and it is always nice to see that the Broads Authority are spending the money on works to keep the Broads useable for all. But how can they justify those annual increases in licence fees?

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Present

I forgot to tell you yesterday that we had picked up Naughty-Cal's latest present. We have bought her a tonneau cover in readiness for her road trip to Scotland next summer.

Now a new one was going to be £480 from the chap we use for our hoods and soft furnishings, however a quick word with the marina staff and they had one with very light use that we could have for £100 made by the same chap. A done deal if ever there was one.

We have not had chance to fit it on the boat yet. The weather looked a bit iffy yesterday for taking the hoods off the boat, but we do know that there will be a few modifications to make too it. Not all of the studs will line up as it was made for another S23 and they are all slightly different. But these minor modifications shouldn't cost much to rectify. We will wait until the weather starts to get a bit better next spring and fit the tonneau cover then get the canopy man to sort it out during the week while we are at work.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Clean Dinghy

Dirty Dinghy is no more. Liam spent a few hours yesterday scrubbing her up and she looks almost like a new dinghy.

Unfortunately the outboard is still not running right so it is back to the drawing board with that. Latest thought is that the carburettor is non so clever and wants replacing.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

A Night In

It made a very pleasant evening last night not rushing around. Just sitting back and relaxing with a few beers watching TV on Liams new tablet and later having a lovely meal of Cajun salmon and stir fried vegetables.

Might have to stay in more often.

Time to get up and start some work now though.