Friday, 20 April 2018

A Sunny Weekend

Well it's sods law isn't it?

The first sunny and hot weekend of the year and we won't be going to the boat. Instead we will be spending time in Sheffield with family and new recruit Sydney.

Sydney was a star at the vets yesterday evening. He was very well behaved and didn't complain when he was prodded and poked and given a none too flattering shave to a section of his bum!

He was found to be in relatively good order considering what he has been through. He needs to put on about 1.2kg which is about 25% of his current weight! 

He has a cat bite to his bum which is sore and itchy so he has some antibiotics to take for the next week to help clear up any lurking infection. Other then being smelly, which the vet assured us was cat smell not dog which will just take some washing off but should eventually fade away, he was not in too bad shape and will be a different dog with some love, attention, a few baths and some proper meals.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

A Change of Plan

We have had a change of plan for our summer cruise brought about by the unexpected addition of Sydney to the family. We didn't think it would be fair to take him on a long and hectic couple of weeks cruise on the Thames on a boat that he won't be all that familiar with just yet.

So we have decided to postpone the trip until next summer and this year instead we will have the two weeks pottering around on our local rivers instead. Something we have not done for a long while so it will be a nice change for us as well as breaking Sydney in gently to our holiday routines.

Sydney is settling in well at home. He finally used his new bed last night instead of sleeping next too it on the floor and he is quickly learning where is out of bounds in the house. He now knows he can't go in the bedrooms and only in the living room if we are in there. He is much more settled in the car and just lays in the passenger footwell and this morning was actually happy to jump into the car which was a first.

He has a little way to go at work with Liam though. He is getting better each day and now realises that he isn't being left for a long time when people leave the room. His crying has reduced but now he has turned into a ninja dog and can jump onto the counter to greet people.

It remains to be seen what he makes of going to the vets this evening!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

No Boat

We have a non boaty weekend in store this weekend. Some of Liam's family are travelling from all corners of the UK to meet up in Sheffield for the weekend and have a good catch up.

So Saturday will see us all descending on the Yorkshire Bridge Inn for a dinnertime meal and a couple of drinks prior to setting off for a walk around the reservoirs.

It seems a shame not to be going to the boat on what is forecast to be a sunny weekend but I am sure we will have a great weekend at home instead and we will be kept busy so we won't have time to miss being on the water!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

New Crew

Naughty-Cal has a new crew member. Meet Sydney.

He is in need of some TLC but will look a different dog in time and he is very sweet natured. He already seems to be settling in at home. What he makes of going to work with Liam today we shall see later.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Ready to Go

Naughty-Cal is now ready for the years cruising ahead. Liam finished off the engine service yesterday with the fresh fuel filters. This time the engine bled through with very little trouble which it has not done the previous few times we have changed the filters.

With the filters changed it was time to head back out onto the river to check that all was running as it should and we are pleased to report that yes it was all good and ready and raring to go for the spring and summer season.

Naughty-Cal will now be having a rest for a couple of weeks as we won't be down there next weekend due to family commitments. If the weather is as nice as forecast though we may head down one evening in the week to make the most of the sunshine.

Sunday, 15 April 2018


We had a fab night and day out n Lincoln yesterday to celebrate one of the crowds birthday.

Time today to head back to the marina and change the fuel filters and take the heater from the engine bay. This will leave the boat fully serviced and dewinterised in one go.

Time for the summer season to start in earnest now.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Sun Will Come Out

Well the song says the Sun will come out tomorrow, but it's wrong. The Sun has come out today.

It is a glorious sunny day in Lincoln.