Monday, 19 February 2018

Keeping It Local

Having a weekend at home gave us a chance to visit a few places and events that we wouldn't usually get a chance to visit. 

First stop was the farmers market at Bradfield Village Hall just a few miles from home where we stocked up on products from The Our Cow Molly dairy in Dungworth. The only Sheffield Dairy still producing it's own milk and products and less then 5 miles from home. We now had plenty of stock of fresh milk, butter and their excellent ice cream.

The next stop was a little farm shop we had discovered about half a mile from home but have never managed to catch open. The Little Sausage Shop. Here we bought some lovely sausages, burgers and dry cured bacon all free range home reared and excellent quality products. They really are very tasty and were a very reasonable price. In fact the bacon was cheaper than the cheap water filled rubbish supermarket bacon. We will certainly be going back again. In fact the owner did say that if we are passing on a Thursday and miss the opening hours that we can call in a little later to buy our goodies as Thursday evening is sausage making time so he will be around. Which is great news for us. We now have no excuse for not going.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A Great Evening

We had a great evening last night at Worksop Manor Lodge. Today we will just be chilling out at home.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Doing the Rounds

It has been a busy day so far. We have been to The Bradfield Farmers market where we bought loads of milk, butter and ice cream from the local dairy Our Cow Molly.

On the way home we called in at a new farm shop, The Little Sausage Shop and bought plenty of home reared pork products.

The weather hasn't been great so we decided to head to the newly opened Sheffield Ikea for a browse and now we are sat in the Gardeners Rest enjoying a sit down and a pint in the Riverside conservatory.

Soon we will head home and get ready for tonight's party in Worksop.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Staying At Home

We are having a weekend at home this week. Well mostly at our home, we have a party to go to tomorrow evening in Worksop, so we will stay over there tomorrow evening.

But this will give us the chance to get a few things done at home tomorrow. We have a few more items to make their way into either the bin, charity shop or friends houses as part of the big declutter. This will see the bedrooms done and dusted for now. 

Then it will be time to start on the cupboard under the stairs. I'm sure we all have a bit of a dumping ground and this seems to have been ours for the last few years so it is time to get everything out of it and start afresh in there again. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Be My Valentine

Last night we went out for a lovely meal at one of our favourite country pubs The Strines Inn. It isn't too far from our house so makes for a lovely run out into the countryside. The pub had set aside a room for the valentine bookings and had dressed it just right with the open fire roaring away, the tables dressed and little goodie bags for each of the diners. It was just right and the food as always was very good. I had a very nice pheasant casserole packed full of meat and Liam had the steak with proper chips and salad.

It is unusual for us to go out on Valentines Day. We normally stay in and I cook a steak dinner but this year we decided to let someone else do all of the hard work and the washing up.

In other news the refund from P&O arrived this morning. Very swift service from the refund department. We were expecting this to be well into next week as is usually the case with refunds. Companies tend to be quick at taking your money but not so quick at refunding it. But credit where it is due, P&O have excelled in this department and we are now looking forward too a lovely and substantially cheaper cruise at the end of next month. We still can't work out how they make any money on £184 for two people in a premium outside cabin, coach transfers too and from Amsterdam and a breakfast for two each day!

Still we won't complain about it.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

It Pays to Check

Our friends who are coming to Amsterdam with us had not yet booked their tickets and did so last night. When they rang us to tell us what price they had got their tickets for, we were gob smacked. They were considerably cheaper then we had paid.

So I logged into our P&O account online and reran our quote and low and behold it was now £119 cheaper than when we had paid several months ago. The website was not so keen on letting us had the refunded amount but a quick phone call to P&O this morning has it all sorted and a little bit extra discount for our troubles. The refund is almost enough to take a second mini cruise later in the year!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How It All Started

We were looking back through a series of photos at home when we came across some pictures of our first boating holiday together some 16 years ago now. It is amazing looking back now that we even took to boating at all with the boat that we took our first holiday on board.

It was a little tricky to say the least and really very small. Despite being only a tad shorter then Naughty-Cal the shaft drive propulsion meant that there was a lot of space taken up by the engine, gearbox and prop shaft that is used for accomodation space on our boat.

There was no permanent double berth, the bed was the bow saloon seating. In the end we left this made up and sat out in the cockpit to lounge around and eat. Far from ideal at Easter time. The shower room was cosy to say the least and the kitchen was not all that well thought out. But by far the worst feature of this vessel was the access to the bow which was through the windscreen and down a rather steep bow feeling very exposed to the elements. It didn't feel safe at all.

But somehow despite all of this we fell in love with being on the water. This week away on a less then ideal craft firmly cemented the idea that we would one day have our own boat. Several years of hiring more suitable boats followed before we eventually did of course. But here is where it all began with the Barnes Brinkcraft Breakaway.

Breakaway No.1. The boat we hired.

The cost interior. Just big enough for two!

The spacious cockpit with the third sink above the fridge. That's right sink number three on such a small boat!