Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Very Strange

It feels very strange not being able to make any plans for this weekend, by this stage in the week we would normally be concocting a sketchy plan. However this weekend we don't actually know if we will be afloat or ashore.

Very strange.

If we are in the water we will be going out and about somewhere, but where?

If we are still ashore then we have to decide what other little jobs we are going to start and hopefully finish off. So we really need to make two plans for this weekend. Or even three, we must not forget that we still have the dinghy to use if all else fails and the weather is kind we can head off into town on ASBO.

Monday, 25 September 2017


After a flurry of activity on Saturday Cal is ready to go back in the water, on our part anyway. The yard still have a couple of jobs to finish off but all being well she should be back in the water by next weekend.

If not we have a few other jobs we could be tinkering around with next weekend but we fully expect that she will be back in the water looking fresh after what has to be the quickest spruce up we have ever carried out on her.

Hopefully the new drive rams will have sorted the droopy leg syndrome, but we won't know for sure until she is back in the water, which is always a bit of a worry.

With the work finished we can now look forward to the winter cruising season. We have missed out on the last few with having the boat out over the winter so this year we plan to make full use of the time afloat.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dinghy Day

We were going to head home today but with the weather so nice we have decided to have a day out in the dinghy instead.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Shine Bright

It has only taken us a few hours to rattle off the jobs we had to do on the boat today.  Cal is now looking ready to go again although looks a little naked without her bump strip at the moment.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Not to be Out Done

Not to be out done by the boat the trusty Datsun decided it wanted some work yesterday when the brakes decided to fail. And by fail I mean literally no brakes left. Not the most ideal by any means.

With Liam in bed ill I had little choice but to send it to a friends garage for him to have a look, diagnose the problem and fix it, hopefully within the day so that I could get home without the need to resort to public transport.

Thankfully the car was finished by 6pm, no thanks to him being sent the wrong parts a couple of times and I was home for 6.30pm just in time for a lovely lasagne that Liam had rustled up.

Now hopefully the car feels a little loved and we can get on with getting the boat finished and ready to relaunch by the end of the weekend. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Pump It Up

Another of the little jobs to add to the list of stuff to do at the weekend is replacing the faulty shower sump pump. We have had no end of trouble with these over the none years we have owned Naughty-Cal. This will be the third pump in that time.

We had though that the newer design with the float switch built into the pump might prove to be more reliable but we were wrong. The last one has made it to the grand old age of two. 

Fortunately this time we only need to replace the pump and not the whole sump box assembly so it will be a relatively simple task. It will be nice to shower on the boat again. It has been playing up since mid way through our trip to Scotland so we have been making use of shore side facilities instead, which are not always found in the cleanest of condition, it does have to be said. At least with a shower on Cal we know who was in there last!

On the subject of pumps we do also have a new float switch to fit to the main bilge pump in the engine bay. This met with a sticky end when something was dropped into the engine bay a few months back so it is certainly high time that this was fixed as well.

Considering we didn't think we had much to do this weekend the list does seem to be growing.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

An Early Start

It was an early start this morning as we left Naughty-Cal high and dry on the hardstanding at Burton Waters. Not only was she ashore in double quick time but work had already started on the replacement of the rubber bump strip, the yard lads must be working in double quick time. 

Last night Liam drained the leg oil. As expected it was contaminated with water due to the damage oil seals but not as badly as it has been in previous years. Of course it would only have gotten worse if we had left it longer to replace.

So this morning we set off for work early. Liam taking with him a bucket full of oily parts that need fettling for the drive and the props which need a few minor repairs after a meeting with the slipway at Oban!

By the end of Saturday we should have the drive rebuilt, the rams refitted and new hydraulic fluid in the system, the props back on and a few other odd little bits and bobs of jobs completed. A super quick turn around this year.