Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A Little Prick

Last night much to Sydneys disgust we paid a little visit to the vets to get his rabies jab and sort out the paperwork for his pet passport. It is safe to say he was not amused.

What happens next very much depends on what happens with the Brexit negotiations. Under current rules he would now be ok to travel to the EU in 21 days with his new passport. However if we become listed as a third country or an unlisted country then things get more complicated. He would need to have a blood test in 28 days (which he is booked in for) and then provided the blood test shows positive for rabies antibodies he will be ok to travel in three months. Hence the need to get the ball rolling so to speak right now. 

With Brexit negotiations looking like they are moving forward we are hopeful that we will get a decision either way in the next four weeks.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

More Jobs

Our run to West Stockwith at the weekend highlighted a problem that we will have to have a look into this winter. The engine temperature was creeping up at high revs when the boat was on the plane.

At first we thought that this was likely to be an impellor on it's way out. So we changed this once we were safely moored up in West Stockwith. But alas on the way back the symptoms were just the same, with perhaps a slight improvement and the temperature climbing more steadily then on the downstream run.

Our first job is going to be replacing the impellor again. We had not realised that we had no new spare impellors and the one we have fitted is a part worn non genuine item which we are not happy with. So I ordered two new genuine Volvo impellors yesterday and we will pop one of these in at the weekend. Then we will have to nip back out onto the Trent at some point before we are pulled out of the water to see of that has made any further improvement.

If not then we have a few more jobs to do with the boat out of the water. We will replace the water intake hose, clean out the water intake and dismantle and clean out the raw water coolers and heat exchanger. All of which will be much easier on the hard standing of course. So as the boat is cooling fine at river cruising speeds it can wait until we are pulled out in January.

Monday, 12 November 2018

West Stockwith November 2018

Early start from Saxilby

Out onto the river.

Heading dowstream

Approaching Gainsborough

And it's time to go go go

Safely tucked up in the basin

And afternoon walk to Misterton and a few drinks in the Red Hart.

Back to the boat for a really nice steak dinner with garlic mushrooms and all the trimmings.

And then to the Waterfront Inn to watch the live singer who was really very good.

Getting ready to leave Stockwith

Not a bad speed for a heavily loaded boat towards the end of the season

A good blast

Not as bright a day today but we make good progress with a good push from the tide. 10mph in places at 1200rpm!

This little cruiser Dippy has found itself well aground on the approach to Torksey Viaduct. No hope of getting close enough to pass a rope across.

Back on the Fossdyke

Saxilby had really done a good job of their rememberance flowers.

And finally back to Burton Waters and a nice meal in Greek 2 Me. We found out yesterday we can take Sydney in here so I guess we will be going more often this winter. He was spoiled rotten by the staff!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Locking Out

Today it is time to lock back out onto the river and head back to the Fossdyke. Flood here at West Stockwith is at 8am so we are locking out at about 9am.

Hopefully the new impeller will have solved the slight overheating problem and we will get a decent run to Gainsborough in.

Fingers crossed anyway.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

What a Difference

What a difference a day makes. We awoke to bright sunshine and light winds for the short hop to Torksey and the run down the Trent to West Stockwith.

We didn't get the long blast we anticipated due to the impeller not functioning as it should but we did manage a few short runs.

Once through the lock and moored up Liam changed the impeller so fingers crossed for a better run on the river tomorrow.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Dodging Weather

The weather forecast is really trying to play havoc with our plans for this weekend. First it was wet weather all weekend and now it is wet weather and strong winds tonight.

So instead of trying to battle our way all the way to Torksey in the dark, rain and wind tonight we have decided that we will get part way there and ride out the storm in Saxilby. Which will offer a little more shelter then either our home mooring or Torksey from the buffeting of the wind.

It does mean that we have an earlier then planned start tomorrow morning to get to Torksey for our 9am locking onto the Trent. But it still won't be too early. We can get up at 7am and get the dog walked and fed and still have plenty of time for a steady cruise on the Fossdyke.

We will not be defeated by this weather. We are going to West Stockwith!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Having a Blast

This weekend, if the weather decides to play ball, we will be having what could well be our last blast down the Trent of this year.

Naughty-Cal has had somewhat of a quiet year what with one thing and another so it will be nice to let her get out and stretch her leg to blow away a few cobwebs and clear out the turbo. Pottering around on the river really does her no good at all and she needs a good clear out every now and then to keep everything running as it should.

We are still undecided what we will do when we get there. A lot will depend on the weather when we get there. But it looks likely that our usual walking route will, what with the rain we had yesterday, resemble a swamp so that will be out of the question.