Monday, 16 January 2017

A Job Well Done

Saturday's job of refitting the refurbished heater unit and replacing all of the warm air ducting was anything but easy. In fact it was a pain in the proverbial to say the very least. We had to dismantle most of the bedroom to gain access to the ducting and then rerouting the new ducting which was now larger diameter due to the lagging was just down right annoying.

However with all of this said it has made such a big difference to the amount of heat that we get in the cabin that it was a job well done and certainly a job well worth doing.

The old ducting had gone very brittle and we found that it was split in several places which explains some of the loss of heat from the ducting to the bilges and engine bay which always got super hot. It was also not routed very well in places and was squashed out of shape which certainly would not have helped with the air flow to the cabin.

We have tried our best to reroute it where possible and have moved some pipes out of the way so that we can achieve nice flowing changes in direction of the ducting and also avoid squeezing it out of shape.

The combination of the serviced heater, new ducting and lagging have all resulted in a super warm and toasty boat. We left the heating on whilst we went to the pub yesterday and when we got back it was like the Sahara in the cabin!

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