Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Still Cleaning

Considering we said that we had finished the boat there have still been plenty of little odd jobs to keep us busy so far this week.

Yesterday it was mostly paperwork but last night after work we also set about washing the ropes and fenders.

The ropes are easy enough we just put them in pillow cases and put them through the wash with a load of washing. They have already had one wash shortly after the boat was lifted but had a second one last night to make sure they are extra supple for the up coming season.

The fenders took slightly longer, they were really very grubby and stained. But with some EVM and some magic sponge they soon came up looking like new again. Excuse the dark shadows in the picture I am not sure what they are but the fenders are bright white again, you will just have to take my word for it. They will receive a coat of wax tomorrow evening after work before they go back on the boat on Friday morning.

We are now pretty much ready to relaunch. We have just a couple of very minor bits to sort out tomorrow evening and Friday morning. We are now very much counting down.

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