Friday, 10 March 2017

A Night Out, or Two!

It has rolled around to Friday pretty quickly again. This week at work seems to have flown by, an no I have not been having fun either!

This evening we plan to have a run into Lincoln again. We do enjoy a night out in the city in a few of our favourite pubs. This time though we plan to moor through the Glory Hole outside the Waterside Centre rather then by the student digs, we learn't our lesson there last Friday night. Although we should know by now that the students like to party!

On Saturday we will have a potter around in Lincoln. I need to do a bit of food shopping in the markets and we need to pick up a new towel holder for the shower room on the boat, Liam managed to break the current one last week. And Liam needs to have a tinker with the domestic water pump and see if he can get that working properly again.

Saturday night brings with it the promise of a curry for a friends birthday meal. We are not sure where the location will be yet but it will more then likely be at Spice Mystery in Saxilby. It has been a while since we have been with spending the winter out of the water so we are looking forward to that.

Hopefully after a week on charge our new batteries will be a little less sluggish then last week. We had been warned that they will take a few cycles to get up to full capacity, so hopefully they will be a little better this weekend. Fingers crossed anyway.

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