Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Getting Prepared

This coming weekend we have our first proper outing of the year with a group run to West Stockwith. We have quite a selection of boats coming this time with a decent mix of fast and slow, steel and GRP.

For us this has brought with it a bit of an issue mind. Being in the fast boat crowd we had wanted to use this trip as a chance to stretch Cal's legs and open her up. Why is that a problem you may ask? Well we don't have enough fuel!

Our plan had been to put some in last weekend, however that became a bit of a problem when the fuel berth went up in flames. Our next plan had been to get fuel at West Stockwith, but with ten boats coming in the lock we didn't really want to hold the process up on the fuel berth. So Plan C is for us to now head across to the marina tomorrow evening and take 60 litres of diesel with us to put in the tank. This will get us there and back comfortably enough on top of the 40 or so litres we already have in the tank.

So last night I was busy rustling up a turkey curry to put in the freezer to take with us along with some vegetable bahjis. This makes a nice easy dinner on the boat for us as it only takes 10 minutes to warm everything through and cook some wholegrain rice. It is also delicious. 

The last bit of shopping Liam will do tonight to go and get the beer stock for the weekend and then we are ready to go. An unexpected extra night on the boat this week.

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