Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sorting the Paperwork

With the boat ready to drop back into the water in a few days it was now time to sort out a few bits of paperwork. The invoice for the time ashore came yesterday and is ready for paying, the insurance renewal was due so was also paid yesterday and then there is the Canal and Rivers Trust licence to pay for as well.

In recent years we have only been licencing the boat for nine months of the year. It seems silly paying for the three months that the boat is laid up ashore. Granted it only saves us around £100 but that is £100 that could be better spent on parts for the boat then being wasted paying for something we are not using.

The last licence ran out at the end of December so I will buy a six month licence today which will see us through until the end of August and then a three month licence after that will see us through until we are ready to lift the boat out once again.

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