Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Freshen Up

We have decided that it is time we gave Naughty-Cal's shower room a little freshen up. Not that it is bad, after all it is all GRP lined so there is not that much you can do to it, but a small freshen up is in order none the less.

We have decided that it is now time to get rid of the original Sealine shower curtain. It is 14 years old now and just doesn't clean up as well as it should anymore. So out with the old and in with the new. And this time we have opted for a beach hut theme. A nod to our love of coastal cruising and in particular our visits to Wells next the Sea on the North Norfolk coast with its rows of pretty beach huts welcoming you into harbour.

Second on the list was replacing the towel holder. The original plastic affair was really cheap looking and Liam managed to break it whilst we were out of the water so we have bought a replacement chrome hook which looks much more modern and in keeping with Cal's simple lines and modern look.

Hopefully this couple of simple replacement parts should see the shower room freshened up and ready for the main cruising season ahead.

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