Friday, 17 March 2017

Moral Support

We have agreed this weekend to act as a bit of moral support for our new neighbours at the marina. 

They bought their boat late last year and have up until now been getting used to her on the safe and sheltered waters of the Fossdyke Navigation. They want to come with us on a group cruise to West Stockwith in a couple of weeks, so we have decided that it is time that they ventured into the unknown and through their first lock this weekend.

So with this in mind we are heading to Torksey tomorrow morning and will head through Torksey Lock and out onto the Trent. Their first time on tidal waters and their first time through a lock. We won't spend much time on the Trent, the whole idea of this trip is to get them through a lock and to gain a little confidence in doing so.

To hopefully celebrate their success we have a table booked in the White Swan for Saturday evening, so that we can sit down, chill out and hopefully relax.

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