Thursday, 2 March 2017

Stocked Up

Today is Naughty-Cal's last day ashore for this winter, well we are into Spring officially now so it is time she went back in looking fresh as a daisy.

Last night Liam went to the supermarket to stock up on beer and whisky and this morning we have been to another shop to get in a few bits for dinner tonight and breakfasts for the weekend. The remainder of the shopping will be carried out over the weekend at Lincoln markets. We have missed buying fresh fruit and vegetables from the markets at weekends.

So the car is now crammed full with a weekends worth of stuff. Tonight we will head across to the marina and while Liam is in the engine bay checking what batteries we currently have, (he needs to confirm something to the supplier before out new ones arrive tomorrow afternoon,) I will be busy in the cabin fitting the fresh bedding and then moving outside to fit the freshly cleaned fenders and ropes. 

And then all will be ready for tomorrow mornings launch in the rain according to the current weather forecasts!

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