Thursday, 30 March 2017

Lugging Loads

We wearily loaded the car this morning with all of the stuff we would need for the weekend. I really need a bigger car as we have stuff all over the back seats now. Mind you that isn't helped this week by the boot being full of diesel cans!

We are making an unexpected stop at Bramley this evening on the way to the boat to pick up 60 litres of red diesel from the petrol station. 

I hate lugging diesel around in the car. This is a practice I thought we had given up for good. It leaves the car stinking of diesel and the extra weight in the boot does the fuel economy no good at all. Yes the diesel is cheaper but it usually isn't worth all of the extra hassle. This time however we have no choice if we want to make this weekends trip to West Stockwith. 

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