Monday, 6 March 2017

Afloat Again

It was nice to be back on the water once more with Naughty-Cal. We had missed the gentle lap of the water on the bow, the way she sways with the wind and water and the feel of being on the water again.

OK we didn't get far, the weather sorted that out for us, but we didn't need to go far. We were afloat again. Anywhere would have felt good.

One or two small jobs have cropped up over the weekend but nothing major. The domestic water pump has started playing up and is now refusing to build pressure and switch off. We suspect that the pressure switch is dodgy so have ordered a new switch and will also clean the pump and filter whilst we are at it. The pump is in a very awkward location so instead of stripping bits out of the boat to then rebuild it again once bits have arrived we have taken a flier and ordered the new switch anyway.

The new batteries worked far better then the old ones as you would expect but they were a little sluggish in performance when compared to what should be expected. We had been warned to expect this and they will improve considerably with a few discharge and recharge cycles which is good news.

So now we can start to plan our next few weeks of cruising and fitting in the odd little jobs around our plans.

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