Tuesday, 21 March 2017


With just one spare weekend left before our first group outing of the year to West Stockwith we have this coming weekend down for doing a rash of odd jobs that need sorting out before we go.

The first and biggest job of the weekend will be cleaning the canopies. Not a job we enjoy doing but it has to be done at some point. With the canopies clean we will let them dry before adding a coat of Fabsil to reproof them and keep them watertight for the rest of the year.

We also have some new Canal and River Trust index numbers to add. The old ones are 14 years old now and have been out in all weathers for that 14 years so they are starting to show their age. They are also not in the best location, the hoods hide the last couple of numbers so we will relocate them further into the windscreen as well at the same time. We have opted for a more modern font as well which should look nicer then the original numbers.

Last but not least we need to add a splash of diesel to the tank. We currently have about a quarter of a tank so we will add another 60 litres which will give us plenty for the short trip downstream on the Trent. We have to be careful early this year with the fuel that we add to the tank. We need it to be as empty as possible when we are picked up to be taken to Scotland. It is going to be a fine balancing act.

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