Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Charged Up

We had chance over the weekend to test out the new batteries further. You may remember that last weekend we were not at all impressed with their performance and found them to be slightly lacking.

Well I am glad to say that they were performing much better and seemed much happier when put under loads such as the electric kettle on Sunday morning. We were told to expect them to be sluggish for the first few cycles and then they would start to get better after they had run a few cycles but we were starting to get a little worried that there may have been something amiss with them and they would have to go back to the supplier. Given the really very awkward location of them in the engine bay though we had rather hoped that this would not be the case.

So hopefully over the next few weeks we should see some further improvement and should hopefully have the capacity we require for a summer of battery trouble free cruising.

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