Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Next List

Despite having spent all winter grafting on Naughty-Cal we still have a fair old list of jobs that need doing before our big summer trip to Scotland.

The biggest job is servicing the engine. This is ready for a full service to include oil and filter, two fuel filters, crankcase filter, supercharger oil and the fours belts, as well as changing the power steering fluid, the trim ram fluid and changing the coolant.

The other big jobs that need doing are scrubbing the canopies and reproofing them with Fabsil, trial fitting the tonneau cover we bought last year and seeing what modifications if any it requires, running in the new 2.3hp Honda outboard, cleaning up the dinghy and making the new solid floor before taking the dinghie (both our old 6hp Mariner and the new 2.3hp Honda) and outboard home so that they stay clean and tidy for the big trip.

No doubt there will also be other jobs that crop up along the way, like the domestic water pump we need to have a look at this weekend. But for now we plan to have a few more relaxing weekends before the hard graft starts again.


  1. Are still after a boat hook to pick up buoy moorings for your trip?, I saw one in use a couple of days ago looked neat! Not sure where it came from - try the Nauticalia catalogue.

  2. No. We are going to do it the good old fashioned way with lot of bickering and swearing!

  3. Drew pipedream8 March 2017 at 14:43

    Remember its not a job list it is a wish list
    As in I wish we had done that before it broke/failed.