Monday, 27 February 2017

Back to Work

After another weekend of working on the boat we are now back to work for what will be for me anyway, a short working week. 

On Thursday evening after work we will head back to the marina so that I am on the boat ready for the relaunch first thing on Friday morning while Liam heads back to Sheffield to work again.

We discovered over the weekend that our batteries really are on their last legs now. They are always a little sluggish after a period on the battery charger ashore, so we decided that at a few points over the weekend we would switch off the charger and let the batteries do some work in a bid to wake them up from their slumber. But this was to no avail. They really are suffering. So Liam is going to order a pair of new domestic batteries this week and will fit them on Friday evening after work. We knew they were getting ready for replacing so it is no great hardship.


  1. I have been looking through since you laid Cal up and you both have done loads of work on it. Wish i had the motivation like that as i used to have.

    Boat is look spot on;)

    Soon be Scotland trip :)

  2. Thank you.

    We still have a fair few jobs to do before we are ready to head to Scotland but the rest of them can be done in the water.