Wednesday, 22 February 2017


We always like to keep Naughty-Cal looking at her best. She may be getting on for 14 years old now but that is no excuse to let her start to look shabby.

At the beginning of each year she is treated to a full machine polish and lots of wax to hopefully keep her hull and topsides glistening and gleaming but also to help keep them clean throughout the year. The wax and polish help to stop dirt sticking to the gel coat and scratching or scuffing it. A quick rinse off with the hosepipe is usually all that is necessary to keep her looking spotless through the summer months.

Towards the end of the season as the wax starts to wear away cleaning tends to require more elbow grease and some car shampoo is usually applied to help with the cleaning. This year we were a little lazy as we didn't wash the boat before we brought her ashore, which of course just meant that we had to do it last week before we set about polishing. These jobs always catch up with you in the end. There is no getting away from them!

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