Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Buoy, Oh Buoy

This summers trip to Scotland will bring with it a series of firsts for us. The first time we have trailed Naughty-Cal, the first time she has been out of England and the first time she will spend time moored out on a mooring buoy.

Which also means it will be the first time that Liam and I have had to pick up a mooring buoy!

Now the theory in itself isn't rocket science, it should in theory be easier then docking alongside a pontoon. But we all now that putting the theory into practice can be anything other than as simple as it sounds. 

The picture above is of our usual cruising partners boat Nitty Gritty on a buoy on the south coast. They have both agreed that the best place to pick up the buoy is from the rear of the boat where the sides are lower. The bow is far to high to thread the rope onto the buoy unless there is a pick up buoy and pick up line attached.

No doubt the first time we have to pick up a buoy it will be a fraught experience but by the end of the week on the coast we should have the technique down to a fine art. After all we will be getting plenty of practice as pretty much everywhere we intend to visit has them.

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