Monday, 6 February 2017

A Little Set Back

We had several successes at the weekend but one major set back. The epoxy filler being used to carry out a couple of minor repairs to the hull beneath the waterline didn't go off overnight on Saturday due to the cold temperatures. So the hull work which should have been finished this weekend now roll into next weekend as well and most probably, looking at the temperatures forecast for next weekend the weekend after that as well.

But we can work around it and get the other outside jobs of cleaning, polishing and waxing slotted in around the hull work. It shouldn't set is back too much. 

We did also find that one of the stern drive trim rams has developed an ever so tiny leak again whilst putting the stern drive back together. So that is another job to add to the list before we get put back in the water.

Despite the set backs we did get quite a bit of work done. The stern drive is back in one piece again, the trim tabs are clean again, all of the anodes are back on and cleaned up and the cockpit teak is looking as good as new. So it wasn't all bad news by a long way. The end is in sight for this year's period ashore.  

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