Thursday, 9 February 2017

All Alone

We got the news earlier this week that our cruising partners and Nitty Gritty won't be joining us on this summer's grand tour of Scotland.

They have been having trouble finding transport to get Nitty Gritty up there and the prices they have been quoted just don't stack up and don't make the trip a viable option.

This is a great shame as we were really looking forward to another great holiday away with them. Despite this we are still going and will make sure that we have enough of an adventure for all of us. 

For us and Naughty-Cal the planning continues. 


  1. Just a thought, as I do not know how you are getting your boat there, but, could you not get transport (trombone trailer) to take both vessels & share the cost ?

  2. We had considered this but then we would have to take a car up also to take the four of us. This would mean we would have a car at one end of Scotland and we would be getting pulled out at the opposite side of Scotland. Not ideal!

    The guy who is towing our boat up is willing to take us with him and bring us back so we don't have any cars to worry about.