Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Handy Gadget

Getting into the engine bay of a Sealine S23 requires one to be a dwarf contorsionist! So to save Liam the effort of clambering in every time he needs to inspect something at the back we have picked up a handy little gadget. 

We have bought a small USB powered camera that plugs into either our phones or tablet that can be threaded down into small spaces and beams the pictures back to whichever device it is plugged in too. It has a series of LED lights in the camera end so that even in dark areas we can get a decent picture back. It also allows pictures to be taken or video recorded to look back at at a later date.

The camera is also waterproof to IP68, so when we get into some clearer water in Scotland this summer we plan to attach it to the boat hook and have a gander below the water.

This whole device cost us the grand sum of £10 including delivery and is small enough to stash away in an easy to reach location. If it does get lost or damaged it won't cost the earth to replace.

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