Friday, 24 February 2017

A Wee Incident

I had a wee incident with the hull primer last weekend and thought I had gotten away with there being no photographic evidence until this morning when this photo cropped up.

There was a little splash back!

It took an age to get off. Metallic primer seems to like to prime anything, skin included!


  1. lol always one to get you.

    Ah but not the tie i got expanding foam on my head and didnt notice until it near set. ouch that hurt.

  2. I thankfully managed to do the antifoul paint yesterday without getting it all over myself!

  3. Have an owd tin batch at hand next time full of acetone ;)

    looking great anyway. very shiny once again.

  4. Antibacterial surface wipes I found got it off easily enough. Probably not ideal for using on your face but they worked!