Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Finalizing Choices

We took the opportunity at the weekend whilst we caught the trimmer in his workshop to finalize the design details for Naughty-Cal's up coming cockpit retrim. 

We made the final decision on the fabric, we have stuck with the same daring fabric as we initially chose but have left the detailing of the contrasting piping in the capable hands of the trimmer. He can decide which colour will work best.

We have made several amendments to the original design and are adding a couple of extra bits to make the upholstery work for us. Quite why these extra bits were not original standard fit we don't know but they seem to make sense, as you will see later.

The timescale has slipped a little. It was initially set at mid this month but has now slipped to mid next month. Not a big problem by any means. We want it doing before our summer cruising starts in earnest but for now what we have will suffice.

So watch this space. Hopefully in the next four or five weeks Cal should be sporting a whole fresh look which should hopefully finish off the cockpit spruce up nicely.

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