Friday, 17 February 2017

A Spring Roll

Who doesn't like a spring roll with their Chinese meal? We certainly do but with our healthy eating regime we are currently undertaking, which is working wonders for our health, we have had to stay away from fried food.

Well a recipe flashed up on a website which I thought we could modify and make it so that we could have spring rolls again and it worked great, they tasted just like the real thing.

For these I used four sheets of wholewheat lasagne which I part boiled until soft. While the lasagne sheets were boiling I dried fried some mixed stir fry vegetables with some chinese five spice until soft. Take a lasagne sheet, add some vegetables and roll up. I then stuck them in the air fryer for ten minutes until they crisped up. And hey presto you have spring rolls but minus the deep frying.

They had the texture and taste of a genuine spring roll. We were very impressed and served them alongside our king prawn thai curry and wholewheat noodles.


  1. I couldn't make my mind up between an air fryer or a halogen oven, so am getting both. The halogen will be great for home and the air fryer will be used at the boat. It's all your fault you know, as you got me thinking when you purchased yours...and when my brain springs into overtime, well that can be a dangerous thing especially on the old purse. x

  2. The air fryer is brilliant. Not sure what we ever did before we got it!