Friday, 1 April 2016

New Life Jackets

Our new life jackets are due to arrive today. This time we have opted for the Seago 180N Olympic Plus jackets.

They are a different shape and design to our older Seago Classic design jackets and we hope that the new ones will be more comfortable to wear which might encourage us to wear them more often at times when we really ought to be wearing them but often didn't with the old ones.

The old ones have been given away. There was nothing really wrong with them. They were going on for 8 years old and needed new rearm kits and firing mechanisms and a good clean, but rather then spend £50-60 on the old jackets we decided it was time for a pair of new ones and to start afresh again.

We bought the new jackets from Water Sports Safety who seemed to offer the best deal on the jackets at £79.99 each and with next day delivery means that we should have them in time for us heading down to the boat this evening. 

The new jackets have many integrated features that we had to buy and add to the previous jackets, such as spray hoods, water activated lights and crutch straps. They also have a handy window and indicator with a "Go/No-Go" indication stating whether the jacket is armed and ready for use or something is amiss. A handy feature which saves having to dismantle the jacket and manually check it each time, something we often forgot with the old jackets. In fact when we tested our jackets before giving them away we found that one of them, mine, would not have fired if needed. The gas cylinder had rattle loose. A timely reminder to always check them before using them!


  1. Nice to know, I think we could do with a new set of life jackets, but without trying them on I need to know that they would be comfortable at all times especially around the neck area. Not a bad price, let me know how comfortable they are after a bit of use xx

  2. We have had them on to fit them to suit our sizes. They do feel much more comfortable but have not worn them for any length of time yet. Will let you know how we get on with them after we have worn them a bit more.

    They seem to be much better construction then our older Seago jackets and feel more robust.

    1. Yes, let me know as I think we could do with some good quality ones xx