Thursday, 14 April 2016

Busy Holiday Planning

I know I said yesterday that if you  make a plan then someone will always come along and spoil it, but sometimes you have no choice but to do some forward planning.

We know where our holidays are going to be for this year so there really isn't much planning to do. We have been to Wells next the Sea many times and we have been to the Norfolk Broads many times so there is little in the way of planning to do for either of these trips. 

However our epic Scottish adventure for next summer is a different kettle of fish completely. Whilst we know for certain the date we are going and the date we are coming back, it is the bits in between that are going to take some serious planning and research. We need to find great places to moor each evening and great places to visit each day. 

One place we really hope to be able to stop at is The Pierhouse Hotel at Port Appin, pictured above. It looks simply stunning and the food gets very good write ups. How serene it would be on a pleasant sunny day to sit outside the bar watching Naughty-Cal sitting at her mooring buoy on Loch Linnie. 

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