Monday, 4 April 2016

Another Sunny Day

We were treated to another sunny day yesterday but it wasn't without fault. On our way back from Torksey we had to make a pit stop at Saxilby to find out what was wrong with the new alternator which had suddenly decided to start charging at between 16 and 18 volts. Not really ideal!

After five minutes moored up and a bit of faffing around with the multi meter we were non the wiser and upon restarting the engine all was back to normal again at 14.6 volts. The plot thickens as all the way back to the marina the voltage held steady at 14.6 volts. 

We have contacted the supplier of the alternator and they have decided that there is clearly something not quite right with the alternator so to save us not having a unit we have agreed that we will buy a new alternator which is to be delivered tomorrow and then at the weekend we will swap them over. Then next week I will send back the current alternator and get a refund on that unit.

Who would have though that generating electricity would be so problematic?

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