Thursday, 7 April 2016

Colour Chosen

We finally went and bought the coloured emulsion for the wood panelling in the hallway last night.

The colour we had previously chosen, Jurrasic Stone, way back before Christmas is not available in the 2016 colour range. Sods law. So we had a good half an hour last night deciding on an alternative colour.

The colour we eventually bought Cookie Dough is nothing like the colour we initially picked out but they didn't have enough of the intial teal coloured paint for us to finish the whole job. So we opted for Plan B which goes well with the wall paper we have bought and the stair carpet which is an oatmeal colour.

Now we just need to crack on and get it applied to the wall panels. But first we need to gloss the skirting boards and door frames. We really do need to crack the whip. We now have the materials we just need the final push to get things going again.

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