Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Scrubbing Up

We decided last night after work that it was about time the Sierra was woken up from her winter slumber. The last time she came out was on Christmas day!

Needless to say it wasn't without it's difficulties. The first problem was a slow puncture on the nearside front tyre which needed some air in it. And then to top it off the battery was then flat. So we had to jump start it from the Nissan. And then to top things off we found that the water had gone, again. We have yet another coolant leak to track down.

Finally with the engine running she dragged herself out of her quarters and into daylight for the first time this year. She was a little dusty but a quick rinse off with the hose and a scrub down with some car shampoo and she was looking loved again. Keeping her waxed up makes washing her down a quick and easy task.

We are now starting to make a little list of jobs that need doing before MOT time in a couple of months. We have a new nearside headlight coming in the next couple of days. The original one has now completely fallen apart and would fail an MOT. The offside headlight was replaced perhaps ten years ago but as the car has seen little use since still looks like brand new. So the two will match.

As well as this there are a few mechanical jobs to do. The crankcase oil seal desperately needs replacing, as do some suspension bushes on the front end and of course we need to track down this leak and sort out the cooling fans. 

A nice little list to keep us busy.

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