Thursday, 31 March 2016

Some Success

More news on the marina front. We have had some success with the fees side of the deal. 

It will mean a change in the way we pay for our moorings. Previously we have paid monthly, but, to now take advantage of the cheaper mooring fees, I say cheaper lightly as it will still be an increase on what we have previously and currently paid, we will now be paying six monthly or annually instead. We have yet to decide which but there isn't much difference in the two anyway. Paying monthly has always been a choice of convenience but it seems no more.

Now we are just left with discussions about the new rules and terms and conditions, not least working on ones own boat which under the new rules is now not allowed. We have already stated that if we take on a new mooring we will continue to work on our own boat so we will have to see how that goes down once our current mooring agreement runs out at the end of May.


  1. What do they constitute as working on your own, would you have to advise them of an engine oil change, anti fouling or removal of outdrive to take home to service or even down to fitting a new vhf etc. Makes me wonder how they are going to enforce/police it x

  2. Any work including servicing.

    Work in the yard is still fine when the boat is ashore as the yard is operated by a different company. For now anyway!

    1. doesn't bode well does it, you will just have to see how it goes xx