Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Getting Ready

We had a surprisingly considering we didn't really have any plans. The only thing we knew that we had to do was finish the engine service. We had already carried out a fair amount of it in dribs and drabs so it was only finishing off the job.

Liam changed the engine oil, oil filter, the supercharger oil, the primary tank fuel filter and the fine engine fuel filter. The rest of the service including changing the four belts, replacing the raw water impellor, replacing the crankcase filter and the air filter had all been done already so it was only a partial service in truth. And after a couple of hours Naughty-Cal was ready to go again.

The first outing afterwards is always a steady one to check for any leaks or problems so it was just a short hop into Lincoln to do a spot of shopping. With all proving to be well we then headed back in the opposite direction to meet up with friends ready for our evening curry. 

We are now also happy that the latest alternator is now charging properly and holding a steady voltage when the batteries become close to fully charged. The maximum charging voltage holding steady at 14.6V which is still much more than the original Volvo Penta alternator which topped out at about 14.0V but is within the battery manufacturers recommendations so we are happy with that. It is after all a far more modern unit and technology does move on. The batteries do seem happy with this higher charging voltage and actually seem to be performing better than they were last year.

So we have left Naughty-Cal tucked up on her berth ready for the up coming bank holiday weekend. All we need to do on Friday is chuck our gear on board and then we are ready to roll.

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