Monday, 11 April 2016

Glorious Sunshine

It has been a great weekend catching up with old friends and making new ones. Yesterday we topped off a great weekend by having a few pints outside the Pyewipe with friends, a true sign that the summer is on it's way.

We couldn't leave it too long to head back to the marina as Liam had to take off the alternator, again, to take it to work and swap the pulley over onto the new, new alternator ready to fit back on the boat next weekend. We were in the slightly odd situation this weekend of being forced into using power much less conservatively than we usually do to keep the charging voltage of the faulty alternator down to 14.6 volts. It worked though and we kept the voltage within sensible limits. Next weekend we will hopefully be back to normal with the power generation and usage.

Whilst Liam was in the engine bay he also fitted the new crankcase filter which had arrived in the post and stocked up the spares box with a new alternator belt, fuel filters and bulbs. In the next couple of weeks we will finish off the engine service, we have done a lot of it now in bits and pieces so it really shouldn't be a long job.

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