Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Another New One

Yesterday another new alternator landed on my desk at work. I'm sure generating electricity shouldn't be this difficult.

This will now be the third alternator since October!

Although to be fair the original one failed due to water ingress from the raw water pump and the final nail in the coffin for that one was a bodged "refubishment" by a company we shall never use again, the state of it after its alleged refurbishment had to be seen to be believed once stripped down. Never again.

It is perhaps just bad luck that the new one we fitted whilst the boat was ashore has turned out to be faulty, with a suspected faulty voltage regulator. Hopefully fitting the replacement one at the weekend should solve the problem and we should then be back to normality again.

We really do need to sort this problem pretty quickly now as the first of our proper holidays will be up on us before we know it.

Fingers crossed swapping the alternators over will be the end of our excessive voltage issues.

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