Friday, 29 April 2016

Popping In

Yesterday for no particular reason I decided it was perhaps time I popped into the Canalworld Forum again and showed my face. It had been some time since I last posted anything on there after deciding at the beginning of this year that life was just too short to waste it bickering with narrow minded individuals.

Well nothing has changed. So after yesterdays's brief visit and a handful of posts I have decided that actually it really isn't worth the effort and there really are better things to be doing with my time. Perhaps in another four months I might pop in again to say hello, but, perhaps not. 

The time may well have come to now say farewell forever Canalworld Forum.


  1. Ah, but the real achievement is to leave without announcing it!

  2. Do you know. I genuinely thought it might have changed. How wrong was I?

  3. Feel like that with our boat club..., but you are right, life is far too short xx

  4. Now where you are coming from with that. We decided we are not boat club material!