Thursday, 21 April 2016

Portioning Up

With the holiday season knocking on the door and the first of the summer bank holidays just next week, we have decided it is high time that we pulled our finger out and finished off the engine service on Naughty-Cal.

We have done most of it in drips and drabs over the winter and the last couple of weekends. The belts have been changed, the impellor is new, the air filter and crankcase filter are both new so all we really have left is the oil and oil filter, the supercharger oil and the two fuel filters.

Last night Liam delved into the garage and portioned out the engine oil. We buy this in bulk 20 or 25 litre containers as it works out much cheaper so come service time Liam has to measure out the required 9.5 litres. He also dug out the oil extractor and pipes and a container to put the old engine oil in. 

We also buy the supercharger oil in bulk. Buying it from Volvo works out very expensive at £30 for 0.25 litres where as we paid £35 for a 5 litre container of the same stuff from Morris Oils. We keep a small Volvo oil container on board just so that we can change the supercharger oil on a regular basis but again this is ready for a top up.

We have plenty of spare fuel filters on board already. We tend to keep at least one of each of the primary tank filter and the fines engine filter in case of problems whilst we are out and about. This time as we bought more spares last year we have at least three of each so no need to get anymore just yet!

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