Monday, 25 January 2016

Scrubbing Up

My main job for the weekend, other than scraping the trim tabs was giving the teak cockpit table and shelf a good scrub and treating it with some sealant.

To do this we used Wessex Two part cleaner which works really very well, the table didn't look overly dirty but the colour of the water running off it told a different story. Then once it was completely dry the next morning I treated it to a coat of Semco Natural sealant. 

I am really quite impressed with the result.


And after:

We are edging ever closer to towards relaunch date and it is nice ti finally be ticking off a few jobs. We have a few parts at home now ready to refurbish over the coming couple of weeks, ready to refit to Cal when we next visit.

It will soon be time to start the final polishing and waxing stage of this years spruce up and start to get Cal looking as good as ever on the outside ready to get her bum wet again.

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