Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Face Full of Food

We were both suffering from the first day back blues yesterday evening after work, so to cheer us up a little I made these belly busting burgers for dinner.

The burgers were simply steak mince seasoned well with salt and pepper and formed into balls, you need two balls per burger. Flatten one out and then add blue cheese and chopped chillis to the middle and then flatten out another mince ball and lay on top before then forming into one sealed rather chunky burger. These were then baked for half an hour at 200 degrees. They took longer to cook through then plain burgers due to their size.

I served these on a toasted muffin smeared with mustard mayo with cajun sweet potato wedges, onion rings and salad.

Now one tip here, these are messy burgers to consume, a proper face full of food and it helps if you let the blue cheese centre cool down a little before diving in, otherwise the cheese erupts from the centre like molten lava!


  1. sounds heavenly, I love blue cheese with beef.

  2. We have still got a load of Stilton left. Bought a huge chunk at Christmas and it seems to be never ending!