Thursday, 7 January 2016

Out With The Old

It's the start of another new year and so this year we have decided to make a few changes. Out with the old and in with the new so to speak.

And the first item to be part of this cull is our membership of Lincoln Boat Club.

We found that during 2015 we were spending less and less time in the club, we didn't attend any of their cruises and towards the end were only going in to do our bar shifts. So a few months ago we took the decision that we would end our membership at the beginning of this year. Tomorrow evening will be our final bar shift in the club.

We have made some good friends over the last few years in the boat club but feel that for us now the time has come to move on to pastures new. We will still pop in occasionally from time to time to have a quick catch up and a natter but our time as members has whiled away.

So what next for the chop?

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