Friday, 8 January 2016

A Fleeting Visit

We are paying a fleeting visit to Naughty-Cal this weekend. Tonight is our last shift on the Boat Club bar so we will spend tonight on the boat before heading back home tomorrow afternoon to continue with the battle of the hallway.

We will make sure that the heaters are all working properly throughout the boat as for the first time this winter it is set to drop cold enough to warrant their use next week.

It is also about time we started to tackle a few more jobs on the boat so we should really start a few of the odd jobs in the engine bay. We really ought to start by removing the K&N air filter and bringing it home to clean. The raw water pump also needs removing to bring home for the fitting of a new complete rebuild kit. It had seals earlier on in the year but is now ready for a full rebuild with the shaft and bearings also ready for replacing. 

And finally we will remove the alternator. What a farce that was towards the back end of last year. As it now has a fault that is on and off and we don't trust it any more we have taken the decision to replace it with a brand new unit. We can't go through a whole year wondering if it will be reliable or not. It isn't worth the hassle of it breaking down whilst we are out and about. So a new alternator is in store.

That should see us finished for this weekend on the boat and should also free up a bit of space in the engine bay for my next job the next time we visit. Cleaning out the engine bay. Deep joy!

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