Friday, 22 January 2016

Cracking On

We are heading to the boat this evening as we have a long list of little jobs that we really need to start ploughing through if we are to have Naughty-Cal ready to go back in the water at the beginning of March.

Most of this weekends jobs are little odds and sods of jobs but they need doing so it is high time we cracked on with them.

So far our list of jobs for this weekend is looking like this:

  • A top up of diesel. We were a little lax before Cal was pulled out so the diesel tank is looking a little empty. It was just on the red a couple of weeks ago, so a top up of 60 litres will see her in the black again. The next time we head down we will add another 60 litres again which should hopefully see her not too far off full again.
  • Treating the water tank. The water that is in there has been sat around for a while now, so we will refill the tank and leave some Milton in there for a few weeks to kill any nasty bugs. Then when we are back in the water again I will flush it all though again.
  • Changing the cabin LED bulbs. One of the cabin bulbs started playing up just before Christmas so we have bought ten replacement bulbs. The colour won't be a perfect match to the existing bulbs unless we are exceptionally lucky so chances are we will have to replace all four in the cabin area at the same time.
  • Cleaning and treating the cockpit table. It has come around to time that it needs a thorough clean with some two stage Wessex Teak Cleaner and then once it is fully dry treating with some Semco sealer. A messy job but it needs doing to keep the table looking fresh.
  • Scraping the growth from the stainless steel trim tabs. Another of those annual jobs that isn't nice but need doing. It doesn't take long but it is a messy and dusty job scraping off the dried growth.
  • Removing the alternator and raw water pump from the engine. We are bringing these home to carry out the rebuild on the raw water pump and take the pulley off the old alternator and put it on the new one. Then the next time we are at the boat they will be ready to refit again.
  • Whilst some bits are off the engine and we have some better access into the engine bay it is the ideal time to give it a through clean out. It gets pretty dusty and grimy in there so now is the ideal time to give it a scrub.
  • Towards the back end of last year the shower hose started to play up. We believe that there is a small leak in the hose. So we have bought a better quality replacement one which also needs fitting but to get at this means cutting out the sink in the shower room. Fitting the hose in itself isn't a big job but it is all of the cutting out and resealing that takes some time. Never mind. The shower room will look fresh for relaunch with all new sealant.
This little list of jobs should keep us busy for the weekend. 

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