Friday, 15 January 2016


As time is now marching on and beginning to run away with us and the first week in March is getting ever closer, we really do need to start gathering together the bits and pieces we need to get Naughty-Cal ready for relaunch day.

Today's item on the shopping list is a new alternator. The subject of so much needless stress towards the end of last year when we were supposed to be heading away on holiday in October.

Given how unreliable it had been since it was allegedly repaired we have taken the decision that it has to be replaced with a brand new unit. 

The original Volvo alternator is a 60 amp unit which is more than adequate for our needs however the new Valeo unit is a slight upgrade at 70 amps. We don't really need the extra 10 amp charging capacity as our batteries are very rarely, if ever, discharged enough to take that sort of charge, however it may come in handy when we are using the inverter whilst cruising. There is the option for a few more pounds of upgrading even further to a 90 amp unit but I really don't think we need that sort of charging output so will stick to the 70 amp alternator.

So that is another item crossed off of the to buy list for this year. It is slowly getting smaller. 

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